Our herd has been carefully chosen, beginning with our initial purchases at the Oates Land and Cattle Company of Texas.

We have added new genetics including Romeo cattle from Cochran Red Angus.

2011- 2012: We have now moved on to Judd Ranch Gelbvieh Bulls to add a new dimension to our Red Angus Genetics :


    Our first Red Angus X Gelbvieh calf  


Red Angus 

Registered and Purebred cows bred to Judd Ranch Gelbvieh bulls

for Fall calving (starting in AUGUST):

(Approx. 45 head available, 4-8 yrs old)

Judd Ranch Gelbvieh herd sires

Pairs $1800, registered cows or $1650, purebred

This is an awesome set of cows....NO CULLS

beautiful udders, gentle but very maternal

New photos taken with calves on the ground:


   Our 2010 calves-- AWESOME!!

They are composites with 1/2 Red Angus and

1/2 Santa Gertrudis genetics.


2011 Winter feeding- (Icecicles on wire)

One ton of hay...heading for hungry cattle.

John removing netwrap

Helpful cow...she's learned to unroll her own!

John & Braxton

Aubrey & Payton (playin' in the grain!)

Some beautiful Fall photos we just have to share!

Spring-born steers and heifers (with John)

Some of these will be our USDA Angus beef!

Photos from our Spring calving season. 


~We've even had a healthy set of twins~

John and one of our young Bulls


Our "348" Bull-- A favorite and what a great temperament!

   At Maturity >>



 A few of our friendly and beautiful cows

 A nosey heifer (wanting a handout!)


And these are our two Santa Gertrudis Bulls from the WinRock Farms in Arkansas.  This farm was founded by Winston Rockefeller...an awesome cattle facility on the top of Petit Jean Mountain.

These fellows have given us some fantastic composite cattle: half Red Angus/ half Santa Gertrudis

Winter 2010 picture:

Their calves: Red Angus - Santa Gertrudis Cross

  < And mature Heifers >


Sharlette taking notes






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